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Consistently save time and avoid redundant procedures. From inserting new master data and handling basic settings to modifying data or creating cross-company analyzes evaluations – with ocn5Template you keep track.

All Features at a Glance

Multiple template structure for centrally managed master data

The central and hierarchically organized master data management allows a smooth interaction of your companies. Especially when different companies or subsidiaries conduct their own general ledger accounts, manage individual data or implement processes a centralized control of data processes can be very helpful.

Redundant or inconsistent data can be avoided. The effective cooperation in an increasingly global network of companies is considerably facilitated.

  • Business processes will be simplified, accelerated and standardized.
  • Standardized data structures enable enterprise-wide synergies.
  • In template companies you can define how data processes are mapped.
Settings down to field level here for payment terms

Every user always keeps track thanks to the individually adjustable configuration. It can be defined down to field level which data is really needed and used in dependent companies. Exceptions are possible and offer almost limitless flexibility. 

  • The individual configuration offers a high degree of variability.
  • Dependent companies use exactly the master data they need.
Automatic synchronization with any company

Automatically synchronize your favored master data in certain dependent companies. In this way you can be sure that you are always working with current and valid data and avoid inconsistent or even redundant data. So you can fully concentrate on your business.

  • Master data can be managed cross-companywise and then automatically be provided for other companies.
  • Synchronization ensures that the central data will transferred to the assigned companies after they have been inserted or modified.
Variably adjustable subscription within a dependent company

By comfortable and variably adjustable subscription features in ocn5Template you decide in which business processes you regularly want to receive current data from the template companies.

  • Master data are managed across companies and are made available to other companies automatically.
  • The processing of master data can be managed centrally for the entire corporate structure in the same way.
Get and send function via touch of a button shown here for chart of accounts

In addition to the automatic exchange of master data, you can manually get the needed information and settings from a template company if necessary. Alternatively you can send new files automatically into dependent companies.

  • The secure data exchange is executed automatically or manually.
  • Dependent companies only access data they actually need for their processes.
Account schedule with cross-company evaluation

Evaluation companies (data pools) are freely definable and merge cross-company transaction data at run-time, which can be used for analyses and reports.

Whether you want to simplify the preparatory work for your annual financial statements or flexibly and quickly need access to numbers for your reporting. With ocn5Template you keep track of your business and of course, even across all parts of your companies.

  • Relevant transaction data can be merged across companies at run-time – helpful e. g. during purchasing negotiations.
  • Facts and figures for the data consolidation can be collected easily.
  • Clear structures provide a high level of transparency and facilitate business management.

Simple. Safe. Reliable.

The hierarchical structure of ocn5Template

Decide for yourself, which master data will be received from which template companies. Sub-template companies can be freely defined and set up according to your needs.

With ocn5Template, master data can be synchronized across multiple databases. This gives you maximum flexibility for your master data management.

Simple template structure
Simple template structure with subtemplates
Multiple template structure with sub-templates, reporting company and independent companies
Multiple template structure with sub-templates, reporting company and independent companies and cross-database function

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